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    Conveniently combine your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and your home/office landline into one with this Wireless Bluetooth Headset communication management system.

    Keep your busy life organized with this Wireless Bluetooth Headset with 2-in-1 Telephone Landline and Mobile Phone Connection. Instead of scrambling left and right, phone in one hand and frantically searching for files in the other, stay calm and collected with the wonders of wireless technology. Just imagine this: Your boss' secretary calls you through the internal line, asking for the latest reports on product X. Instead of 'Uh, right, sorry can you wait a second? Let me go check on that right now...' and putting her on hold, you casually walk over to the shelf where the files are and (while still connected) respond with: 'The reports on product X, right? Hm, let me take a quick look... Yep, everything seems to be in order. I'll bring them to you ASAP'. Situation resolved like a boss.

    Even better, this Wireless Bluetooth Headset simultaneously connects to your cell phone through Bluetooth for even more wireless communication convenience. Just pair your phone with the system once and it'll automatically reconnect again whenever in range. Now, you can go about your business and don't have to turn the room upside down to find the source of that darn ringing. I mean, if there's one thing more annoying than a phone call that interrupts you while working/playing, it's a phone call that interrupts you and you don't know where your phone is.

    Available in our warehouse now, this 2-in-1 Telephone Landline and Bluetooth Mobile Phone communications system is ready for both single and discounted bulk orders. Order today and we'll express ship it out tomorrow - guaranteed. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale electronics direct from China, Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    • Wireless Bluetooth Headset System
    • Connects to your home/office landline
    • Connects to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone
    • Handsfree wireless communications
    • $70.20
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    Featuring one-button recording for phone calls and conversations, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder is the easiest to use and most convenient digital audio recorder available. With plenty of features, 8GB built-in memory, and micro SD card slot to expand the memory even more, record everything!

    Stylish and compact, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder easily fits in your pocket to offer one-touch recording when you want it. Record on the fly as a instant voice recorder, leave it in an empty room and set up voice activated recording, or even schedule recordings for a future date. Direct playback of the recordings is even made available through the built-in loudspeaker. With plenty of features and options, why buy a standalone digital voice recorder when this device offers so much more? But wait...

    This Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder also has the ability to record mobile phone calls! Simply connect it to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and keep a record of every call that comes in/goes out. Just imagine the uses: Your client calls and wants to negotiate a new contract with you, record the call to make sure you remember all the details! Or your wife calls with a shopping list for tonight's special dinner, record the call so you don't forget anything!

    There are so many possibilities with this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder that you'll be sure to love it for years to come. Available in our warehouse now, buy one today at our low wholesale price and we'll ship it out to you tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale electronics.

    At a Glance...

    • Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones
    • 8GB built-in memory
    • Micro SD card extension
    • 4 different quality recording modes
    • Colorful OLED display screen
    • $63.21
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    Comfortable over-the-head Bluetooth headset with boom microphone and dual-phone connection that connects to two phones, and offers up to 18 hours talk time.

    This Bluetooth headset comes with a boom MIC which can be adjusted to suit either left or right ear use. Whether you are outside in the noise and wind, or in your car, the boom MIC will pick up your voice clearly to guarantee you a smooth communication. When you are not on the phone, just flip up the boom arm and wear the headset around your neck. It will stay there comfortably all day long.

    With a high capacity 250 mAh built-in battery, this Bluetooth headset offers an ultra long 18 hours talk time on one charge. Note that even the high dollar name brands on the market can only provide 6 to 8 hours. This prominent feature translates into less power consumption and more convenience for you.

    A simple and effective device that offers no-frills comfort and convenience for hands-free phone calls, this Bluetooth headset is now available in stock for single item or bulk purchasing. Buy your sample today and it ships within 24 hours. Only available from the leader in China wholesale electronics, Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...
    • Dual-phone connection
    • Built for hands-free calling
    • Lightweight & comfortable to wear
    • 18 hours talk time
    • Boom microphone for vocal clarity
    • Unbeatable wholesale price
    • $21.83
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    At a Glance...
    • The 4-in-1 smartphone lens kit is a comprehensive and versatile tool to enhance your mobile photography.
    • Get just the effect you are looking for by using a macro, fisheye, wide angle or x10 telescopic lens.
    • Use the lenses with any smartphone, Android or iOS, thanks to the universal holder.
    • Lightweight and compact any lens in the kit can be mounted within seconds and fit in the palm of your hand.

    4-In-1 Lens Kit For Your Smartphone

    These days a smartphone is probably the number one device we use when it comes to taking a picture. A quick selfie, a landscape shot, a picture of your morning coffee or a whole album of events from your recent vacation – your smartphone can do it all and help you instantly spread the word on social media.

    Whatever it is you are after when it comes to mobile photography, one thing is clear – you want your pictures to look good, and even better than good. With the 4-in-1 lens kit for smartphones, you will not only be able to significantly increase the quality of your mobile pics, but also get all the desired effects you were looking for.

    The kit comes with 4 lenses: a macro lens, a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens and a X10 telescopic lens.

    A Macro Lens will help you get the most detail out of your pictures and is perfect for close-ups and product shots, when every curve and texture change matters.

    A Wide Angle Lens will let you get more of the background into the shot – telling the complete story behind every picture you take and not missing out on the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

    A Fisheye Lens is the perfect choice if you are looking for panoramic imagery and is basically an ultra wide angle lens. Turn to it when your shot needs to cover an extensive area.

    A X10 Telescopic lens will give your mobile pics a 10X magnification boost, while optimizing and even enhancing image quality.

    With the 4-in-1 smartphone lens kit you will have yourself a versatile tool for mobile photography that can fit right in the palm of your hand. Capture anything you want with the effect you want simply by using your smartphone cam. Any lens in the kit is easily mountable within seconds and will serve you long and well.

    The 4-in-1 smartphone lens kit comes with 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale smartphone lens kits, Chinavasion.
    • $26.77
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    Key Features...

    • Suitable for cell phones and tablet PCs supporting OTG
    • Works with most devices with compatibility for iOS, Android and Windows
    • 64GB of instant On The Go storage
    • Backup, Copy, Transfer and secure your data

    One drive to rule them all, this USB 2.0 Flash Drive is the ultimate solution for encrypted stroage expansion on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

    64GB Multi-functional USB Flashdisk

    Need to back up or copy your files from an Android or Apple phone?
    Want quick extra memory on your Apple or Android device?

    If so then this 64GB Flash drive is for you. letting you backup, save and transfer contacts, photos and other valuable data. So thers no need to upgrade your phone if all you need is some extra memory space.

    Suitable for Android and iOS use this mini storage pen has 64GB of space and fits iOS, Android and Windows devices with its Lightning, micro USB and USB connections.

    Never run out of storage again with this USB 2.0 Flash Drive. For use on cell phones and tablets PC supporting OTG, such as Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone, iPad, as well as compatible with desktop and laptop PCs.

    This 64GB Flashdisk comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets and accessories.
    • $43
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    Key Features...
    • With its stylish design, this smartwatch is a true eye catcher that is fit for any occasion
    • Keep track of your health thanks to the pedometer and sleep monitoring features
    • Make and receive calls and text messages right from your wrist
    • Snap pictures with an integrated mini-camera

    Iradish X3 Smartwatch

    The Iradish X3 Smartwatch puts the functions of your smartphone directly on your wrist. Featuring a sleek and stylish design this budget smart watch holds all the features you could possibly search for in a smartwatch and is now available for a remarkably low price.

    Holding a SIM card slot the Iradish X3 Smartwatch lets you dial and answer phone calls straight from your wrist. Even when no SIM card is inserted you are still capable of making phone calls as long you are without Bluetooth range of your smartphone. Additionally, this budget smartwatch lets you send and receive text messages, allowing you to have a good interaction with friends and family wherever you’re headed.

    Featuring a pedometer and sleep monitor the Iradish X3 Smartwatch will gradually lead you to a healthier life by letting you track your workout sessions and sleep quality. Its built-in speaker furthermore allows you to play your favorite music to accompany you during your workouts by simply syncing your smartwatch with any Bluetooth enabled device.

    Its integrated camera allows you to simply snap pictures where ever you go. Equipped with a 1.33 Inch IPS touch screen the Iradish X3 Smartwatch lets you watch back all your pictures and files in 240 x 240 resolutions, providing you with HD image quality and a great user experience. With the possibility to add up to 32GB in external memory this budget smartwatch offers enough space to store all your pictures snapped at the favorite and most unforgettable moments in life.

    The Iradish X3 Smartwatch comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.
    • $34.41
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    Key Features...
    • Xiaomi selfie stick lets you shoot stunning pictures with friends and family
    • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
    • Removable remote allows you to use your smartphone accessory as a tripod to shoot group pictures
    • Lightweight aluminum alloy design comes with extractable handle

    Xiaomi Selfie Stick

    The Xiaomi selfie stick is the ultimate smartphone accessory for anybody that loves to snap pictures with friends and family. This simple to use gizmo allows you to easily attach your smartphone. The selfie stick itself has been crafted out of durable and high-end aluminum. This gives it a premium look and feel. Additionally, it comes with an anti-slip handle for comfortable usage. With its Bluetooth connectivity and iOS and Android phone support, it can be easily used with any smartphone out there. Simply slide in your cell phone, and you’re ready to snap some amazing pictures with your friends and loved ones.

    What really sets the Xiaomi selfie stick apart from its competition is the fact that it comes with a detachable remote. Thanks to this, your selfie stick can even be used as a tripod holder for your camera and controlled from afar. This brings along great opportunities to shoot pictures of yourself or a larger group of people from a distance. The handle of your selfie stick is extractable thanks to which you’ll always be able to find the right distance between you and your camera. Additionally, it supports 360-degree rotation, ensuring the right viewing angle for any picture snapped.

    The Xiaomi selfie stick comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale smartphone gadgets.
    • $27.02
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    Key Features...
    • iPhone X screen protector made out of tempered glass with 9H hardness
    • Easy to attach with the included instructions
    • Dust resistant, scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and shatterproof
    • 2.5D Full-Screen protector leaves no bubbles when attached

    iPhone X Screen Protector

    Protect the display of your beloved iPhone X with this 2.5D full-screen protector. This iPhone X screen protector features merely 0.33mm in thickness yet it is extremely durable and tough. With its 9H hardness, it is resistant to scratches. It is furthermore shatterproof, dustproof and leaves no fingerprints when in use. With the included instructions and cleaning pad, this iPhone X tempered glass screen protector is easy to install and does not leave any bubbles. This smartphone accessory is the perfect gizmo for all the proud iPhone X owners who wish to protect their beloved mobile phone. With its high transparency, the smartphone accessory will not affect the quality of your visual experience.

    This iPhone X Screen Protector comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale smartphone accessories.
    • $9.53
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    Key Features...
    • Keep track of your heart rate with this heart rate monitor wristband
    • IP67 rated this accessory allows you to head out for a run no matter the weather conditions
    • with a sleep tracker this heart rate monitor makes sure your body heals sufficiently in between workouts
    • Receive notifications on incoming phone calls, messages, and social media updates

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor

    Keep track of your health and exercise routines with the stylish Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Featuring a heart rate monitor this smart gadget keeps track of your heart rate while exercising, resting, and even while asleep – ensuring that you can fully keep track of your health at any time. Supporting Bluetooth 4.0 this heart rate monitor is even able of inform you about incoming phone calls, messages, or social media notifications to make sure that you will never again miss out on anything important.

    Crafted out of durable TPU material, the Xiaomi heart rate monitor features an extremely tough yet, at the same time, flexible design. Its 0.42 inch OLED screen holds the latest display technology, allowing you to clearly keep track of your heart rate, notifications, and more even in bright sunlight. Being IP67 waterproof you can be assured that this little sports gadget follows you anywhere no matter the weather conditions - rain, snow, fog, or ice – won't make any difference as the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be always there for you and supports you through your workouts.

    Packing a 70mAh battery this heart rate wristband offers up to 20 hours of standby time and will get you through the most demanding of workouts. With its built-in heart rate monitor, you will be able to see how your body reacts to exercise, giving you an insight on how to develop your strength or stamina in an optimal manner. Not only will the Xiaomi wristband motivate you to get active, it also makes sure that you will get enough rest once your training has ended. Coming with a sleep monitor this wristband will make sure you get the needed hours of rest for you to feel fresh and healthy the next day. Additionally, it features an alarm function, ensuring that you’ll always be notified when it’s time for you to start your work out or get out of bed in the morning.

    When connected with your smartphone this Xiaomi heart rate band informs you about incoming calls, messages, and social media notifications. Compatible with both iOS and Android you can be assured that you can use this smartwatch with your phone, no matter which smartphone you’re using. Being a perfect and affordable sport gadget, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is there to enhance the fitness levels of people from any age, making it the perfect health accessory for young and old alike.

    The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.
    • $43.28
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    Key Features...
    • 2 in 1 USB charging and data transfer cable
    • Suitable for iPhones, Tablets, Laptops, Android phones and countless other devices
    • Magnetic ends allow you to easily switch in between its micro USB and 8-pin Apple connector
    • 1 Meter cable length is plenty for most needs and cable tie keeps things neat and tidy

    2 In 1 Magnetic USB Cable

    This 2 in 1 USB charging cable is a perfect multifunctional accessory that can be used with the majority of your gadgets. No longer will there be the need to carry along multiple cables for your phones, laptop, tablet, power banks, and other electronic devices. This USB cable offers the solution to all your charging and data transfer needs.

    Featuring a magnetic socket, this 2 in 1 cable allows you to easily swap its ends around, letting you switch in between a micro USB and 8-pin Apple connector. With this handy electronic accessory, you will be able to charge the majority of electronic devices out there. Whether you are using your Windows laptop or an Android phone, this 2 in 1 USB charging cable is ready for use whenever you need it. Allowing you to charge all your electronics and supporting ultra-fast data transfer speeds, this USB cable offers a solution to all your needs.

    Why carry two separate cables when one is enough? With its detachable magnetic ends, you’ll never have to worry again if you’ve brought along the right charging cable for the device you’re currently carrying. The magnetic ends even allow you to keep them inside the charging port of your phone or other electronic devices, ensuring that your device is always ready to be used with the USB lead whenever required. Additionally, this charging cable comes with a convenient little storage bag that can be used to securely store your USB tops while not in use.

    This 2 in 1 USB cable comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets and accessories.
    • $17.75
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    Key Features...
    • Bluetooth 4.2 earphones deliver a lag-free audio experience
    • Can be paired with up to two iOS or Android smartphones or tablets at once
    • Powerful 220mAh battery for 7 hours usage time
    • 10m Bluetooth range lets you walk around without disturbing your signal

    Bluetooth Headphones

    Conveniently listen to your favorite tracks anywhere you’re at with these high-end Bluetooth headphones. By supporting Bluetooth 4.2, these earphones can be easily paired with up to two iOS and Android smartphones or tablets at once. You’ll be treated to fast transmission speeds and a lag-free audio experience. This allows you to enjoy an outstanding audio-experience at any given moment. With its ear hook design and different sized earplugs, this wireless Bluetooth headset guarantees a comfortable for anybody out there.

    By packing a miniature yet powerful 220mAh battery, these earphones allow you to listen to songs for up to 7 hours straight. Whenever you’re running low on juice, you can simply recharge your Bluetooth headphones via the included Micro USB cable. With a 10m Bluetooth range, these wireless earphones bring along great mobility. Whether you use them to watch a movie without disturbing others or to listen to those all-time classics while taking a walk outside – these beautiful Bluetooth earphones are sure to meet your demand.

    These Bluetooth headphones comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.
    • $18.10
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    Key Features...
    • Charge up to 4 electronics at once with the CHUWI-100 power station
    • Unique design can be used as a stand to keep your phone or tablet while watching a movie
    • Charges your devices up to 4 times faster than regular power stations with Quick Charge 3.0
    • Crafted out of durable and fireproof ABS material

    CHUWI-100 Power Station

    Charge up to 4 electronics in the blink of an eye with this beautiful CHUWI-100 power station that features 4-USB outputs. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you’ll be able to easily carry your gizmo around anywhere you go. It is perfect for in the office or at home. From now on, you’ll always be able to charge your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the latest technology, the CHUWI-100 power station charges up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers. Therefore, you’ll literally be able to power up your battery at lightning speeds.

    Your USB charger comes with a unique design that features switches to cover up the USB slots. This prevents dust from entering your charger. When you have opened the switches, these can alternatively be used as a stand to hold up your tablet or smartphone. This allows you to comfortably watch a movie on your device while simultaneously charging its battery. Your power station comes with an anti-slip layer so you won’t have to worry about it sliding away while using it to hold up your device.

    The CHUWI-100 power station has been crafted out of durable and fireproof ABS material. It meets universal safety standards that guarantee you to a safe usage. You are furthermore treated to low power consumption. This lets you use your power station for charging up to 4 electronics at once without wasting any energy. Whether it’s a tablet or phone, from now on you’ll always have the means necessary to recharge your battery in the blink of an eye.

    The CHUWI-100 power station comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.
    • $31.66
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